You’re so irresistible walking down the avenue.
You’re so irresistible, I love your attitude.
Happy little bowser, my Mini Schnauzer,
You’re so irresistible.
You’re a little ratter runnin’ round the neighborhood.
You’re a little ratter always doin’ something good.
I love your wirey trousers, my Mini Schnauzer
You’re so irresistible.
Oh doggie, you stole my heart away,
Oh doggie if you leave my heart would break –
Don’t you ever go away!
You’re so popular all around the world.
You’re so popular oh my precious little pearl.
I love my little bowser, my Mini Schnauzer
You’re so irresistible.
Oh when you flash those eyes at me –
Oh doggie those lashes make a fool of me –
Don’t you ever go away !
Oh I find you irresistible walkin’ down the street.
You’re so irresistible to everybody you meet.
Cause you’re my little bowser, ja, ja, ja,
I love your wirey trousers, ja, ja, ja –
Nancy Simmonds
Soap Opry Music
© l989
You’re So Irresistible – Nancy Simmonds 

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