Mark, Gisela and Sara Van Praet-De Maeyer.
Stenenstraat 2, Buggenhout-Opstal 9255.
Breeder recognized by the Royal Saint Hubert Association
since 31 May 1993.
No. 089834
Title of ” Recommended Elite Breeder”
granted by the Royal Saint Hubert Association
on 27 April 2006.
On 19 04 2014, we obtained from the Royal Cynologic Union St.-Hubertus
the honorary diploma with gold medal.
 We are also members of:
“The Royal Saint Hubert Association”.
“The Royal Belgian Schnauzer and Pinscher Club”.
“The Schnauzer Club of the Netherlands”.
“Cynology Association Saint Rombouts”.
“Dutch Association for Schnauzer breeders and fanciers”.
“Cynology Association Nievel-Kapel Nievel-kapel”.
“The Pinscher and Schnauzer Club in Germany”.
“Belgian Schnauzer Club”.
“Belgian Riesenschnauzer Club”.
“Club Saint Hubert Nord in France”.
“Schnauzer Friends”.
And whenever we can spare the time,
we like to go walkies with the “SCHNAUZERVRIENDEN”.
Grand people but especially… grand Schnauzers! We heartily recommend them!

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