Bonichy van den Beukenboom.
Belgian Champion .
International Champion .
Photo: Karl Donvil.
The Schnauzer's origins are pretty vague!
He is probably issued from a group of working breeds,
but this has only been clearly specified in the course of the 19th century. 
Yet we feel that his forebears have kept watch for centuries over Central European stables and kept them vermin free!
And of course he also took care of a number of other little jobs, such as livestock herding.
Yet is he mostly referred to in conection with horse stables,
and occasionally was also called 'coachman dog'.

This is also one of the reasons, why tails were docked and ears
cropped, in order that they would not get caught in the spokes of the carriage wheels.  
This was indeed much more painful,than docking and cropping at a very early age!
But today, in our time, they are no longer 'working dogs' and our friends have now become accustomed to 'a life of luxury'.They are no longer the victims of 'work accidents'!
We therefore find it quite logical that a general ban on docking and cropping has been brought, about many countries in Europe, as a result.
It's a pity, will be many people's reaction to this, and yet…
We find then much more lovely, with ears and tail !
The breed name Schnauzer is not as old as most people believe.
Years ago, the breed went quite a large number of different names.
The reason why the Schnauzer only came late in the limelights is probably due to the fact, that the people who wrote about dogs,
were more interested in the 'noble' hunting dogs,than in the 'modest' working dogs!




Photo: Catherine De Maesschalck.

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