Degomeat fresh meat,
where low price meets high quality!
Miniature Schnauzers health is closely linked to food quality. No healthy food means a sick dog!
Wolfpacks are able to hunt for sizeable preys, including reindeer, elks en oxen. Each wolfpack operates on its own hunting ground, where wolfs run circles around their prey, slowly approaching, until the leader sends them on to the kill. However, sometimes, there is not much food to be had: a lone hare or fox, a few fish, berries and fruit. Once in a while, no food whatsoever is available. Wolfs hunting go straight for their target, guided by their highly sensitive sense of smell.
This is exactly what they have in mind for our Miniature Schnauzers, also endowed with a well-developed olfaction!
This explains why we use Degomeat, food with a natural content of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. Degomeat products do not contain any cereals, starch, colouring, preservatives, water or anything else.  The meat will certainly not have some cardboard-like odour!
Delicious indeed! Our Miniature Schnauzers are mad about it!

Available in handy portions.
Degomeat food has a 100% fresh meat content (fresh chicken, beef, salmon,…), approved for human consumption.
None of their products contains cereals or rice, which makes Degomeat highly digestible. Accordingly they do not use hard to digest vegetal proteins (soya or other cereals).  
The producer wishes to ensure consistent quality and composition though high-quality raw materials. No other materials are allowed into the products. Therefore no cheap vegetal oil or fat comes into the composition of the products!

This is real fresh food, without flavours, colouring, starch and genetically-manipulated raw materials.

Degomeat food can be preserved up to a year at -20°C.
We believe that Degomeat provides an outstanding food supplement to our Miniature Schnauzers.


The star under all the fresh natural foods!
Degomeat dog food is suitable for all Miniature Schnauzers and other breeds.
Degomeat guarantees state-of-the-art production methods, and premium quality at affordable prices.
Let your Miniature Schnauzer discover Degomeat dog food.
Finally your Schnauzer will judge whether the food is good, tasty and healthy.
Degomeat ensures consistent non-stop quality, passing each quality control with flying colours. The best dog food, standing out in a league of its own.
A dose of Degomeat for Miniature Schnauzers will preserve the dog’s intestinal flora.  
Degomeat dog food has been developed in cooperation with veterinarians, breeders and dieticians to create the most honest of products with an outstanding price/quality ratio, without synthetic additives like flavours, colouring and antioxidants.
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