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Friday, 23-07-2010: Goefroe is very quiet and doesn’t worry! Contrast, we are anxious about what will happen! Therefore, we have everything ready in case of …  

Monday, 26-07-2010: Appointment to the veterinarian for a final inspection.

Tuesday 27-07-2010: 7 puppy’s are born, 3 males and 4 females.

Tuesday 03-08-2010: after 1 week !  

Tuesday 10-08-2010: after 2 weeks!

Friday 13-08-2010: The litlle puppy’s were dewormed for the first time.

Tuesday 17-08-2010: After 3 weeks!

Saturday 21-08-2010:  The puppies have eaten the first time Eukanuba!

Tuesday 24-08-2010: After 4 weeks!

Monday 30-08-2010: The litlle puppy’s were dewormed for the second time.

Teusday 31-08-2010: 5 weeks old and for the first time in the garden!

Teusday 07-09-2010: 6 weeks old!


Sunday 12-09-2010: The litlle puppy’s were dewormed for the third time.

Wednesday 15-09-2010: 7 weeks! The first time by veterinarian Dr. Fred Van Steen, for the  vaccination and the placement of the microchip.

Teusday 21-09-2010: 8 weeks! The first time by the other girls.

Beware of people who propose Schnauzers without official pedigrees
from the Royal St Hubert Association
or from another organization recognized by the FCI!
They often know little about the breed,
but are certainly most interested in making money!


Therefore, do never buy a Schnauzer
-From a dealer who does not breed himself, but only “sells” pups. -From someone who breeds all the popular breeds. 
-On markets, itinerant selling spots or in a shop, behind glass, or wherever pups are sold from car trunks.  
-From breeders who, for whatever reason, do not show you the mother bitch.  
-When the bitch or the pups, for some reason, are afraid of people.  
-If the animals are listless of ill, or if you notice liquid stools. 
-If the breeder has a great number of dogs, most of them kennelled. 
-If the Schnauzer pups grow up in isolation in: a shed, a barn, a cellar or some similar location.  
-If it appears that the breeder has a great number of puppies, without pedigrees, because he often lets his bitches have a litter twice a year.  
-Let him not try to convince you, that you must pay extra for the pedigree or that the EUROPEAN PASSPORT replaces the pedigree. 
-And yes, a EUROPEAN PASSPORT is also necessary.  
-And…,  never buy a Miniature Schnauzer via an auction on the internet!!! 
In all above cases, the people concerned are  : 
Please, think twice and ask for all the information you can get from the breed club or the Kennel Association or from another organization recognized by the FCI.  
They will give you the names of people who are “really” interested in Schnauzers!  (see also “adresses” on our internet page) 
The purchase of a Miniature Schnauzer is not a step that can be taken lightheartedly! 
He is a living being, needs necessary attention and a lot of care! 
Do not be impulsive and ask yourself the following questions: 
  – Do I have the time necessary to take him for walks and to have his coat regularly looked after. 
  – Can I afford to pay for the best food and veterinary care. 
  – What shall I do with him during the holidays… 
Take all the time necessary to find a good breeder, 
who “only” is concerned with Miniature Schnauzers.
He shall be a member of your family for years to come, require your attention… and, in return, he shall give you all his friendship and his trust!  
Acquiring a Miniature Schnauzer requires a lot of thought and consideration!!!

The following litters have been born: 

-Panicho ten Roobos on 27-04-1993 : Rufus. 
-Yaninka van ‘t Groeningeheem on 10-10-2002 : Baardje, Bonichy, Baaike, Billy, Bono, Booker. -Yaninka van ‘t Groeningeheem on 23-02-2004 : Diddlina, Dutske, Delflicka, Dashja, Duk, Dapper. -Baardje van den Beukenboom on 11-03-2005 : Esprit, Enka, Eshja, Echo, Egorzoef, Eghbert. -Baardje van den Beukenboom on 17-01-2007: Goefroe, Gini, Gitta, Gaudi, Guuske, Geoflory. -Esprit van den Beukenboom on 15-01-2008: Hummel, Honnie, Hiphop, Hippie, Hippoliet. -Goefroe van den Beukenboom on 27-07-2010: Jazz, Jade, Jackie, July, Jelle, James, John. -Jazz van den Beukenboom on 25-06-2013: Miss Mojito, Maryllis, Maestro, Maitu, Moody, Milo, Marius.
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