The bond which you build up with your Miniature Schnauzer is very important.
For best results, it is useful to have some knowledge about our friend.
First of all, a correct diet is always very important for the wellbeing of our Schnauzer.
Great progress has been made in this field during the past years, ensuring, as a result, that your dog can now enjoy a longer and healthier life.
Eukanuba products are the best example of this progress.
However, Eukanuba wants to offer more than just the best diet for your Miniature Schnauzer. This company also helps you, to better understand the behaviour and the needs of your friend.
Do you also believe that happiness and the health of your Schnauzer are of the utmost importance?
Do you wish to obtain more detailed information on some subject, then please contact us as breeder, as veterinarian or as owner of a pet shop.
You can also just surf on www.eukanuba.com
The Iams Company was created in 1946 by Paul Iams,
a specialist in animal diet.
His aim was to produce cat and dog food of the best possible quality.
Food, which in every sense, would be a complete feed, which would give
household pets of all ages and lifestyles, an optimum balanced diet of: protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
He discovered that balance only, was not sufficient.
Ingredients had also to be the best ones available,
in order to produce a first-class diet.
The center.
For more than fifty years now, the Iams Company, which produces Eukanuba,
greatly contributes to the development of high-quality cat and dog feed.
The Iams Research and Development Team (R&D) consists of specialists
in the field of veterinary medecine, behaviour studies,
microbiology, biology, dietetics and chemistry.
They collaborate in their search for new methods to improve
the health and well-being of cats and dogs.
The R&D Team, mainly concentrates its efforts in adapting new scientific
findings to the highly qualitive animal feeds produced by the Iams Company.
This company has today the most extensive selection of complete and
feed in its market segment, "EUKANUBA".
Owners and breeders of Miniature Schnauzers know
that they can trust the Eukanuba feed,
because it is the guarantee for the well-being of their pet,
in each phase of his life, whatever his type of activity,
adapted to his weight, in order to assure a long and healthy life.
Eukanuba products have a balanced ratio
between its various food components.
When you feed it to your Miniature Schnauzer,
you will soon see its advantages.
Compact bowel motions, a remarkable skin condition,
a beautiful coat and good muscular tone will become evident after a period of a few weeks.
A suitable diet is essential in order to keep your Schnauzer in tiptop condition.
To summarize:
Eukanuba is a pioneer in research and development of food for dogs.         
The health of your Schnauzer shall improve visibly,
thanks to the complete and balanced scale of products,
for each age and for each level of activity.
Eukanuba contains only the best ingredients 
with a guaranteed high proportion of animal protein.
ukanuba never contains any storage additives or dyes.
Eukanuba is developed together with a team of veterinarians.
ere is one purpose only: your Schnauzer's well-being.


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