Photo: Catherine De Maesschalck.

– In 1991, we committed ourselves enthusiastically to the Miniature Schnauzers, in the pepper and salt variety. What once started as a hobby, has grown into a real passion.
– On 27 April 2006, the Royal Saint Hubert Association bestowed on us the title of “Recommended Elite Breeder”!
– We always endeavour to breed the best possible Schnauzer puppies. We do not make use of any dogs if we believe they cannot transmit some improvement to their offspring.
– According to various international judges, our Schnauzers can be considered as “excellent” specimens of the breed.
– Inbreeding and close crossbreeding are strictly avoided,  so that our dogs always have the best possible background.We find it ethically important to breed “healthy and lovable” Miniature Schnauzers.
– It is not indispensable to be a heredity specialist to breed good Miniature Schnauzers. That we are certainly not!Of course, some elementary knowledge of heredity can be useful, but it does not in any guarantee successful breeding.If it were so easy to breed good Miniature Schnauzers, if bringing together two champions would ensure the birth of a litter of little champions, then we would now be surrounded by champions only, and all the fun would be lost!
-But of the utmost importance are: patience, perseverance, a “good eye” for beautiful and healthy animals and a careful selection.It always remains a big mystery for us, so that we are always having surprises.That is what makes it all so fascinating!
– The rules imposed by the Royal Cynological Union St. Hubert are always strictly complied with.
We breed with pedigrees only, which of course accompagny each puppy.
– Our dogs are in the care of a very competent team of veterinarians, led by Dr. Michel De Nijs en Dr Carla Goossens from BOSKEMA.
– We occasionally breed a litter.
Our puppies are placed after a careful selection of the prospective owners.
If we think that they will not be able to care properly for a Miniature Schnauzer, we find ourselves obliged to disappoint them.The pups may go to their new owners at the age of 9 weeks.We limit our breeding activities to maximum 1 litter per year, or even per two years.After they have had a litter, our bitches get at least one full year complete rest.Our bitches have a maximum of two litters in the course of their lifetime.
Those which we cinsider as being unable to bring some improvement to the breed, are not taken up in our breeding program!
But of course they remain with us and live to a worthy and enjoyable old age. – With their roguish wagging tail and their cute flap ears, they will steal your heart away.
– All our Miniatures are bred and live in our home, together with our two Holy Burmese (our cats).
– Do not hesitate to contact us. All questions are welcome. 



Bonichy van den Beukenboom. 
Champion Belge.  
Champion International.

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