Provincial flag.                Provincial arms.
Buggenhout flag.
Coming from Antwerp and Ghent: (45 min.)
– Highway exit 12 Lokeren-Dendermonde-Zele.
– Direction Dendermonde.
– Over the bridge at the traffic lights, turn left direction Brussels-St Niklaas-  Mechelen-Hoogveld.
– At the traffic lights, straight on to Mechelen-Hoogveld-N17.
– At roundabout right to Hoogveld.
– Through Hoogveld and over the railroad.
– At the end of the road turn left to Buggenhout-Antwerp-Mechelen        
– Straight on till the second traffic lights.
– Turn right at electro shop 'Selexion'.
– At the Y fork, turn left to Buggenhout center.
– At the second Y fork, turn right.
– Cross the Buggenhout railroad track.
– Straight on direction Brussels, to the wood.
– After 'Texaco' filling station turn right.
– Second street on the right.
  Stenenstraat 2
Coming from Brussels: ( 40 min.)
– direction: Antwerp-Boom.
– Exit 3, Wolvertem-Meise-Grimbergen.
– N12 left direction: Wolvertem.
– Behind the town hall, direction: Merchtem 5Km.
– At roundabout straight on.
– Filling station 'Total', direction: Buggenhout.
– At the T intersection at the animal shop, turn right.
– Straight on beyond kitchen shop ' Wendy'.
– Turn left direction Dendermonde-Buggenhout-Peizegem.
– Keep straight ahead.
– Through the wood. 
– Turn left at the 'Texaco' filling station.
– Second street on the right.
  Stenenstraat 2

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